Gym Room

The Lodge guests can enjoy gym facilities located on 1/F. The fully-equipped gym room offering full-body workouts helping the guests to maintain their workout regimen.

Laundry Room

A self-service Laundry Room is available at the 1/F with 24-hour turnaround self-service. Additional charges are applicable and accept payment by Octopus card, Alipay and Wechat pay.

CityU Swimming Pool

Residents of CityU Lodge are welcome to use the CityU Swimming Pool at guest rates. To access the pool, please proceed to the Swimming Pool Service Counter, present the e-copy of the Lodge's "Check In Voucher" and Key Card for registration, and make payment. For further information, please contact the Swimming Pool Service Counter at 3442 8058 or visit

Faculty Lounge

CityU Lodge residents are invited to enjoy the dining experience at the Faculty Lounge during its opening hours. Simply present the e-copy of the Lodge's "Check In Voucher" and the Lodge key card at the Lounge Reception for registration and access to this exclusive facility. The Lounge provides a tranquil environment where residents can relax, socialise, or hold meetings. 
For enquiries or reservations, please call 3442 8138 or email For more information, please visit the Faculty Lounge website.

CityU Library

CityU Lodge residents are welcome to use the CityU Library during its opening hours. Lodge guests are required to present the e-copy of the CityU Lodge "Check In Voucher" and the Lodge Key Card for registration at the Library entrance. For further information, please visit

1.  The Lodge guests are welcome to explore the CityU Library collections inside the Library, with the exception of borrowing privileges and access rights to all electronic resources.
2.  Partial Access Arrangement will be implemented during the Revision and Examination Periods of Semesters A and B in each academic year. Lodge guests will have access to the Library during non-busy hours of the day.

Parking Space

Parking spaces are available for visitors invited by Departments. Departments should apply visitor parking permits to Facilities Management Office (FMO) in advance.

Limousine Service

The Lodge offers limousine service for any transportation needs. For bookings and enquiries, please contact CityU Lodge at or 3442 3600.