CityU Lodge was established to provide quality and convenient accommodation facilities on campus to support the University's rapid growth of academic activities. The Lodge also serves as the University's strategic development to enhance the campus environment and provide the necessary environment for the increasing number of world-renowned scholars to come to the University for scholarly activities, exchanges, and collaborations.

It was endorsed by the University that it is a mandatory requirement that all departments book the Lodge as the priority for their guests and visitors and for holding academic activities. Please strictly adhere to this requirement when making accommodations for guests and visitors invited by your College/department/Office/Unit.

Please note that the arrangement with the CityU Lodge involves an internal charge between the respective departments and the Lodge, which has no financial impact at the University level. On the contrary, opting to stay off-campus entails actual cash outflow to a third party for accommodation payment, which has a tangible financial impact on the University. Therefore, proper justification should be provided for any deviations from this mandate.

CityU Lodge will issue a confirmation letter to prove that the Lodge cannot accommodate your request:
1.    CityU Lodge can only provide a partial room(s) for your department;
2.    CityU Lodge cannot provide room for the entire period requested by your department.

If the standard room at CityU Lodge is unavailable during the requested period. The delegated booker should:
1.  Reserve accommodation in any other room type (except Suite) at CityU Lodge; 
2.  Obtain approval from the Finance Office (FO) before providing off-campus accommodation to guests.


CityU Lodge is accepting accommodation bookings from participants attending CityU conferences/seminars.  

  1. Event Schedule Notification: The organizer (departments/offices) should inform CityU Lodge of the conference schedule in advance.
  2. Booking Form Hyperlink: CityU Lodge will provide the organizer with a hyperlink to the booking form for distribution to conference attendees.
  3. Booking requests and confirmations: Once attendees have completed the booking request form, CityU Lodge will contact them directly to finalize accommodation arrangements.
  4. Confirmation letter and credit card information: Participants will be required to provide a confirmation letter of their event registration along with their credit card information for the accommodation booking.

Please contact the Front Office at 3442 3600 or email for more information.


  1. CityU Lodge (the Lodge) is located at Academic Exchange Building (AEB) of City University of Hong Kong with 80 guestrooms. The Lodge provides accommodation for the University guests and participants of various University programs and activities. It is not open to the public. Only authorized departmental delegates (“Eligible Booker”) are eligible to book the accommodation via the Lodge Booking System.
  2. All Individual Reservations should be booked through the Lodge Booking System. Eligible Booker has to login to the Lodge Booking System through the Lodge website “Book Now”. Group reservations should be booked directly with the Lodge via
  3. Reservations for 1 to 4 rooms are classified as Individual Reservations. A single booking with 5 rooms or above will be classified as a Group Reservation.
  4. Accommodation for spouse, children and relatives of the guest is subject to department’s approval.
  5. Advanced booking is accepted up to 12 months. Guestrooms are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis. Room reservation can only be guaranteed for the period specified in the booking confirmation issued by the Lodge.
  6. The Booker will receive an “Automatic Booking Notification” after submitting the booking. The Lodge then will send a “Reservation Confirmation” to the booker. The Head of Department should sign and chop on the “Reservation Confirmation” and send the Confirmation to the Lodge Front or via email to If the payment is settled by an individual guest, the guest should present a credit card during the guest's arrival.
  7. Under normal circumstances, guests are required to check-in after 14:00 hours and check out before 12:00 hours. Guests will be charged half of a daily rate for late check-out after 12:00 hours up to 18:00 hours. Guests who check out after 18:00 hours will be charged a full daily rate.
  8. Room reservations, special requests, late check-out and extensions are subject to room availability and confirmation from the Lodge.
  9. Cancellation and/or change of bookings will be subject to the penalty charges specified in Individual and Group Reservations Policies and Procedures.
  10. No provision is to be made for request for change of room except under special situations such as major building or equipment failure that make the room not habitable. Approval for change of room has to be made by the Lodge Manager.
  11. The Lodge and CityU will not be held responsible for failure to execute obligations specified herein directly or indirectly occasioned by or through or in consequence of war, change of statutes of Government, strikes, riots and act of god or any other conditions beyond the control of the Lodge. In the event of non-performance due to the above reasons, the payment can be used for future function in the next 6 months.
  12. Finance Office reserves the right to revise these notes from time to time subject to operational needs without prior notice.



Reservations within 1 – 4 rooms are treated as Individual Reservation

  1. All Individual Reservations should be booked through the Lodge website “Book Now”. Eligible bookers must log in to the online booking system by inputting the CityU login and password for room reservations.
  2. Forms of Payment
    On Guest’s Own Account
    The Lodge will email the guest to obtain credit card information (name and credit card number) for guarantee reservation.

    On Department’s Account (Room + Breakfast)
    ✓ Name of Booker
    ✓ Name of Department
    ✓ Department Code
    ✓ Account Code
    ✓ Project Code
    ✓ Booker’s phone number
    ✓ Booker’s email address
    ✓ Please obtain the department head’s signature & chop on the form, send it back to Lodge with project & account codes, and the purpose of visit by email at least 14 days prior to guest arrival. If the lead time is shorter than 14 days, please send it no later than the following day. Otherwise, the booking will be auto-released.
    ✓ Email Address of the Lodge:

  3. Reservation Confirmation with reservation number will be sent to the guest / booker’s email address.

  4. Deposit/Guarantee Policy
    In order to secure the booking and control the room inventory, either deposit or guarantee by the booker’s confirmation with departmental stamp, is required on a specified deadline.

  5. Amendment Policy
    Free amendment is allowed 14 days prior to the arrival and subject to room availability.

  6. Cancellation Policy
    Free cancellation is allowed 14 days prior to the arrival. Otherwise, full room payment for the whole period of stay (Maximum 14 days) will be applied.

  7. No Show Penalty
    In the event of no-show, full room payment with the whole period of stay (Maximum 14 days) will be applied as a penalty, the bill will be sent to Finance Office.

  8. The credit card provided during the time of reservation is required to present upon check-in.

  9. A deposit for incidental charges by cash or credit card is required upon check-in.


A single booking with 5 rooms or above will be classified as a Group Reservation.

  1. Below information has to be provided through CityU’s email domain to
    ✓ Name of the Department
    ✓ Information of Booker
    ✓ Check-In Date
    ✓ Check-Out Date
    ✓ Number of Rooms
    ✓ Number of Guests
    ✓ Room Type
    ✓ Arrival Flight / Train Schedule with Estimated Arrival Time
    ✓ Special Request (if applicable)
    ✓ Payment Methods (Departmental project code and Account code / Guest Own Account)

  2. A group confirmation with captioned booking details, room rate, guarantee policy, payment terms, amendment, cancellation, and no-show policy will be issued to the booker by the Lodge.

  3. Room reservations, special requests, late check-out and extensions are subject to room availability and confirmation from the Lodge.

  4. Forms of Payment
    When placing group reservation, the booker should advise the form of payment. The basic forms of payment are listed as below:
    ✓ All expenses will be on department’s account
    ✓ Room payment will be on department’s account, other expenses will be on guest’s own account.

  5. Acceptance of the Group Confirmation
    Bookers have to obtain department head’s signature, departmental stamp with project & account codes on the Group Confirmation. Return the form before a specified deadline in order to confirm and guarantee the Group Reservation Otherwise, the room blockage will be released automatically without prior notice.

  6. Guarantee Policy
    The guaranteed room revenue will be applied as below once the Lodge receives the acceptance of the Group Confirmation from the booker.
    ✓ 60 days prior to the arrival: Guaranteed 30% of the total room revenue
    ✓ 30 days prior to the arrival: Guaranteed an additional 50% of the total room revenue
    ✓ 14 days prior to the arrival: Guaranteed the remaining balance of the total room revenue

  7. Amendment Policy
    Free amendment will be offered as below:
    ✓ Less than 60 days prior to the arrival:
         10% of the total no. of reserved rooms is allowed for amendment.
    ✓ Less than 30 days prior to the arrival:
         5% of the total no. of reserved rooms is allowed for amendment.
    ✓ Less than 14 days prior to the arrival:
         No amendment is allowed

    In case of any late amendment exceeding the captioned percentage of the total no. of reserved rooms; a penalty charge will be applied.

  8. Cancellation Policy
    In case of any group cancellation after the acceptance of the Group Confirmation, the Guaranteed Room Revenue listed above will be charged as cancellation penalty, and the group blockage will be released accordingly.

  9. No-show Penalty
    In the event of no-show, full room payment for the whole period (maximum 14 days) of stay will be applied as a penalty. The bill will be sent to Finance Office.

  10. Deposit for Incidental Charge
    The Lodge accepts below payment methods:
    ✓ Cash
    ✓ Credit card (VISA and Master card only)
    ✓ Billing to the booker
    Deposit for incidental charge is required by cash or credit card upon check-in, and refundable to guest upon check-out in case of no extra consumption during the stay.

  11. Rooming list
    a.  Preliminary Rooming List: 30 days prior to the arrival
    b.  Final Rooming List with arrival details: 14 days prior to the arrival